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def zope-filesystemsite-1.3::FSPropertiesObject::FSPropertiesObject::_createZODBClone (   self  )  [private]

Create a ZODB (editable) equivalent of this object.

Definition at line 67 of file FSPropertiesObject.py.

00067                               :
        """Create a ZODB (editable) equivalent of this object."""
        # Create a Folder to hold the properties.
        obj = Folder()
        obj.id = self.getId()
        map = []
        for p in self._properties:
            # This should be secure since the properties come
            # from the filesystem.
            setattr(obj, p['id'], getattr(self, p['id']))
            map.append({'id': p['id'],
                        'type': p['type'],
                        'mode': 'wd',})
        obj._properties = tuple(map)

        return obj

    def _readFile(self, reparse):

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